How many dives did you do in 2009?

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How many dives did you do in 2009?

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Re: How many dives did you do in 2009?

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I set a goal to average 1 per day.....didn't make it. I hit 300 for my highest annual number to date.
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Re: How many dives did you do in 2009?

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Sounder wrote:
spatman wrote:
loanwolf wrote:By the why I can run up to 12 hrs on a single dive if I want to
greg, how do you get 12 hrs out of your sorb? i thought the most was around 6 hours with a whatsit - radial scrubber, i think?
I'm obviously not a CCR diver (yet), but a 12-hour scrubber is pretty awesome. With that much safety margin beyond 8 hours, it definitely boosts my interest in CCR (figuring I could change my scrubber at 8 hours and even go a little beyond that and still be plenty safe). Me likey!! Although, at 12 hours in the water, I think I'd need to 850 to power a serious suit heater!
I've been on trips with a guy who routinely gets 10 hours on a Prism Radial, it's mind boggling, and no those arean't 10 hour dives, more like 5 two hour dives and in warm watter... would expect more like 7 in cold. It certainly cuts down on the amount of scrubber one has to cart around. The rEvo split axial scrubber also economizes without pushing the risk factor.

As far as number of dives, I didn't count, all I know is that it was a terrible year for diving... a wonderful year for being a first time dad, but not so good on the dives. I'd be surprised if I topped 50 dives. This year will be better, my wife and I are taking our little one in tow, heading to Indonesia in May for 11 days of warm water critter dives!
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Re: How many dives did you do in 2009?

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I don't keep a formal log; haven't for a long time but from a dive perspective last year was frustrating for me. It finished up fine and this year has started off fine though. Congratulations to those who had a wet year, those who had a very wet year and those who had a saturated to the point of needing to squeeze the water out year.

Anyone want a remote home site complete with all the amenities? Seasons change and so has our life style. More diving and more snorkeling for my wife.
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Re: How many dives did you do in 2009?

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Got in around 80-100ish, called it quites for a few months when my drysuit was pretty much soaking me and it took awhile to get it fixed :p
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Re: How many dives did you do in 2009?

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Wound up getting in 123 dives last year.
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Re: How many dives did you do in 2009?

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Tom Nic wrote:40 respondents so far on the poll - come on people, mark your dives!
Well, after a couple folks resurrected this poll we've ended up at around 78 respondents - a pretty good number as far as I'm concerned.

One thing about this group - they DIVE! =D>

56% of the respondents did between 50 & 149 dives - that is a pretty active group of divers, IMO. If you did over 150 you're in a pretty small group and probably need therapy - or perhaps that IS your therapy!

After being on a cattle boat in Kauai with a majority of vacation divers I'm reminded again of how important it is to dive regularly to work on and keep up skills.

Thanks for participating in this unscientific sampling!
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