Tentacle pint glasses

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Matt S.
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Tentacle pint glasses

Post by Matt S. »

http://www.cthulhulives.org/store/store ... ssset.html


These are manufactured for fans of HPL, but they'll work for GPO fans too.

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Re: Tentacle pint glasses

Post by archaeofish »

Awesome! Those are going on my wish list
While it's generally acknowledged that wetsuit divers are a shade or two crazier than the rest of us, we're all special idiots for voluntarily diving in dark, cold, water! - scottsax
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Zen Diver
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Re: Tentacle pint glasses

Post by Zen Diver »

Those are WAY cool
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Re: Tentacle pint glasses

Post by Emilyrc »

"Hey, what are you drinking?" "KRAKEN'S CHILDREN."
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