Places to eat after diving

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Places to eat after diving

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We recently added a food map feature to You can click on any dive site and press "🍔 Nearby Food" and it will show you nearby restaurants that we or your fellow diver recommend. The purpose is for divers to share information on good post-dive eating locations. We hope this is especially useful to new divers or for when you're off exploring new sites. Hopefully it's more honest and more tailored to divers than Yelp.

We pre-populated the site with many of the places we've enjoyed eating at over the years. We also have some new places to eat you may want to check out like The Union Tavern and Mukilteo Tapped. This was a quick draft, so let us know if you have any edit suggestions.

Looking forward to any other places you have to add! (just click 'add post' to do so)

Hope you find the feature useful! Here's a full list of places we have so far: (scroll down on that page to see the list)

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