ID this hat!

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ID this hat!

Post by nwscubamom »

I love surprise packages in the mail, and this one was THE BEST! Friend and dive buddy Cindy Molitor knitted this hat for me and included this note:

REEF Level 6 Exam:
ID this hat.
AWESOME! Think you know what fish it is?

- Janna
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Re: ID this hat!

Post by Dusty2 »

how about a quillback?
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Re: ID this hat!

Post by Tom Nic »

I could guess, but it wouldn't be fair since I saw your FB post.

Cool hat! ...if you are a little off kilter, critter mad fish geek that loves being underwater.

Like I said, Cool Hat!
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Re: ID this hat!

Post by archaeofish »

Dusty2 wrote:how about a quillback?
It fits the characteristics of a quillback, but a more important question for Janna might be: how well does it fit your head? Remember, if you don't provide pictures it didn't happen.
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