I know this'll bring interesting conversation (p-valve)

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Re: I know this'll bring interesting conversation (p-valve)

Post by LCF » Mon Mar 02, 2015 8:52 am

I use a QD, but without the shutoff valve. I have a cap which I place when I disconnect, and then the earliest moment I can get to a bathroom, I either drain the system or remove the She-P. You could certainly accomplish the same thing with a barbed connector, but I prefer the certainty of the QD to be sure the system won't come undone while I'm underwater.

You want to reach the cap. You may prefer to dive with it closed, and only open it when you are using it -- mine always eventually seem to leak some water.
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Re: I know this'll bring interesting conversation (p-valve)

Post by ljjames » Mon Mar 02, 2015 12:50 pm

Pretty early on in our work with making the She-P more usable was to add a short piece (~10cm) of norprene tube and QD. (so it goes Socket side of QD on pee valve tube, plug side of QD on extension, barbed fitting on extension, she-p) This wasn't so much for modesty as it was for security of hook up and also so we were not yanking around on the She-P potentially tugging loose enough to cause a leak whilst trying to jam the barbed fitting onto the hose. The other reason is cause we have hips and more often than not our drysuit is a bit closer fitting than our male counterparts. The incidence of leakage in the front of the she-p reduced dramatically the minute we added the QD to the system.

We dubbed it the 'wee-ness' because it allowed us the mobility that boys have when hooking up and allowed us to whip it out and pee on trees.

QD's or no QD's we have not seen any increased trend in infections, but we advocate for aggressive flushing and cleaning of the device and pee hose. More often than not they are related to broader hygiene issues, and at least for women, the most important thing is stay hydrated enough to keep clean urine headed 'out' and to pee (flush the system) as soon as you can when removing the device. I suspect this would be beneficial to men as well.

Of note, we do not recommend the QD's with the inline check valve because then you need extra fittings and such to flush tubes. Anything that is a hinderance to flushing immediately we felt would increase the risk for problems (fittings are forgotten). We recommend flushing your pee valve immediately upon disconnecting (not waiting till you get home) this does two things, reduces biological load and food for bacteria and keeps your suit from peeing all over itself and the rest of your gear in the back of your car. R. Kelly anyone? Additionally if you look inside the fitting, the check valve (as Richard already stated) has a lot of nooks and crannies. We opted to roll with straight shot, easy to clean etc.
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