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OLED Bottom Timer

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:47 pm
by Jeff Pack
I lamented when my Liquivision Xen screen went dim (as apparently they all do eventually), as I had it mounted on my scooter, and it was nice to track depth without having to look at my wrist mounted petrel all the time.

Since I tend to dive in Stygian darkness (well below recreational depths) I wanted another OLED screen, as they are very visible.

I couldnt find anything, anywhere.

A military diver buddy of mine mentioned on their tac boards, they were using a BT from RJE International called the DG-100. It comes in wrist mount, or board mount. Its a spendy little bugger at 600$, but there are literally no other options in a small package that can be easily mounted on a scooter.

Sure I could mount a perdix, or petrel, but they are big and heavy. The DG-100 is within 3 grams of my Xen, so i didnt even need to change weighting.
Just redril some holes in my scooter mount, and done.

The characters are all red, with low/med/high brightness. Not much else is user definable, except unit of measure, and depth alarm. I went to bestskinsever for a custom screen protector.

Only thing I dont like is its hard coded that after 1m on the surface, it resets the timer. Most of the time its not an issue, but when we scooter Pulali Point, we have to come up once we hit the point, and recon where we are, to begin the dive. But I really only need it for the depth, time I can get off of my petrel.

they dont even advertise nor promote these in the civilian market.

Its getting wet this weekend, so will report back.

Re: OLED Bottom Timer

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 3:25 pm
by Jeff Pack
Finally got to use it at Lake Crescent. In the shallows with a lot of light, it wasnt view-able as had a reflective screen saver which made it worse. Once deeper, worked like a boss. No change in scooter weighting either.