Are you a certified cave diver and in Portland?

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Are you a certified cave diver and in Portland?

Post by ivankarmel » Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:09 am

Hello, while watching the premiere of Sanctum last night at the Bridgeport Village IMAX last night I pondered who in the audience might have actually dove in caves besides myself. I know there are plenty of cave divers up in the Seattle area but i can't seem to find any right here in Portland. I live on a houseboat and practice right here in my back yard diving in a silty, overhead environment, running reels and practicing hover technique. This summer vis actually got close to 15 feet which was amazing. If you are a cave diver I sure would like to get to know who you are. I travel fairly regularly(at least twice a year) to the Yucatan and Florida. Let me know if you have similar credentials, (mine are IANTD Full cave, and 38 years of diving around here) so maybe we can hook up, talk cave diving and keep our skills up.Divin' Ivan

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Re: Are you a certified cave diver and in Portland?

Post by nwffdiver » Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:02 pm

I am, but I live in the OC. so not actually Portland, but close. I too go to Mexico at least once a year. Florida is also nice. Unfortunately it is hard to become a good cave diver when we live so far from caves.

PM me lets go diving

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