Newport 3rd Finger 6/17/2012

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Newport 3rd Finger 6/17/2012

Post by LittleGoat » Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:58 pm

Dove the third finger, on the ocean side. Viz wasn't all that bad (6-8 feet). There wasn't the "normal" amount of life though. I saw only about half the sea stars and maybe a dozen fish. Not really sure why...

I did see two things that I had never seen before. The first was a small (~5 cm) box jelly with iridescent lines running through it in about 20' of water. It was really pretty. I also saw a Lewis Moon Snail egg casing. Both were really cool to see. I'll have to drift in between the fingers next time to hopefully find what laid those eggs!
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Re: Newport 3rd Finger 6/17/2012

Post by Beefcake » Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:48 pm

Sorry for the late reply; I dove there on 6/5 and saw hundreds of baby jellies. I'm not good at identifying jellies (I've tried to avoid them ever since my first Lion's Mane mustache at Hood Canal), but they were everywhere. our vis was about like yours, and the tide sure changed quickly (no actual slack tide; one minute it was coming in, the next minute it was rushing out). The only other life we really saw were a bunch of small rockfish (funny, I saw a couple of those exact same rockfish night-before-last... dipped in POW, beer, and Panko and swimming in hot oil! :burntchef: ).

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