Coast Boat Diving

A place for Oregonians to plan a car-pooling road trip, find a nearby diveable mudhole, and meet new local dive buddies.
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Re: Coast Boat Diving

Post by nice-diver » Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:59 pm

Sunset Sports out of North Bend(coos bay) charters dive boat charters out charelston and Garibaldi a couple times a year
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Re: Coast Boat Diving

Post by ORDiver » Wed Oct 29, 2008 9:11 pm

CaptnJack wrote:There is a reason that USCG district 13 is the only one in the country granted legal authority actually be able to close the bars on the WA and OR coast. As in like no attempting to cross under penalty of arrest. Note that the USCG doesn't even have this authority in district 17 (Alaska). There is a very good reason for that...

The bars and entrances are gradual and shallow. You have wind and waves which were created in the eastern pacific coming ashore there. And often conflicting with an ebb tide. If its rough the last place you want to be is heading into shallow water or the beach cause that's where the waves will break. Those breaking waves will probably pitchpole you and if the tanks flying around don't kill you the motor landing (even upside down) on your head will. All of this has ZERO to do with the seaworthiness of the Avon nor its tolerance of "rough water" or swamping.

More info

Don't mess with hazardous bar conditions.

You may now begin a typical NWDC hijack about bars and closing bars before diving...

Agreed. I've been on the open ocean before in a small craft in bad weather. It's not fun. It makes you wish you in one of those smoke filled, beer soaked taverns on shore! :occasion5:

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