Classes for CCR???

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Classes for CCR???

Post by boltlash08 »

Hey guys, new to the group, got open water certified a few months ago. Seems like this "hobby" is a huge addiction. I'm doing my advanced class in 2 months. Probably have 20ish dives under me. Really interested in learning CCR. My question is, is there any areas that teach it here in the pnw? I've searched online and can't seem to find any info. Maybe some of yall do.
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Re: Classes for CCR???

Post by YellowEye »

Welcome to the site and to the addiction!

Check out Silent World, Eight Diving, Mel Clark? I think those may be the people doing it.

I did rebreathers for 10 years! Several members here still are active on it.

I typically stay down longer on my 130 cu ft tank than people on rebreathers do... :rofl:

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Re: Classes for CCR???

Post by H20doctor »

if mel is in town, she bounces between here and Florida get a hold of her , depending on what re breather your going to buy , you need a instructor that knows the Manufactures operations on your breather unit ...
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Re: Classes for CCR???

Post by dlh »

I have been actively diving CCR since 2007 with over 1000 dives on my units.

I suggest you get at least a couple hundred OC dives in before you consider CCR. You really need to be relaxed in the water and completely in control of yourself and your gear.

Are you the kind of person that really enjoys working on and maintaining your gear? Do you prefer to take apart and fix your household appliances when they break? Do you own a full toolbox at home? Do you consider yourself to be meticulous and methodical? Have you ever created a checklist? Can you spend about $10,000 in gear, training, and maybe travel to get started?

These are the sort of attributes i would think about before making the leap to CCR. Feel free to join a Thursday night dive in the future and ask me about it.

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Re: Classes for CCR???

Post by Jeff Pack »

You'll want to look at what local divers dive. Ask questions. A local network is invaluable.

those GUE things
a few JJ's

Megs are made down in Chehalis, so are easily serviced locally.

I had around 100 dives before I moved to CCR.

You likely wont need to travel to get trained, Mel teaches Revo and Meg.

Nothing wrong with a used CCR and save a bunch over new.

Going CCR is almost like starting over from OC. Buoyancy is totally different, and an anal retentive view of your equipment is invaluable.
You wont just be showing up to the dive site and be in the water in 20 minutes any longer. Post dive tear down and cleanup will become a ritual.

What kind of diving do you want to do? Technical, or recreational. Nothing wrong with using a CCR for rec dives, but it is rather overkill, especially if diving with OC divers limited to dive time. You also will need to start considering greater thermal protection for much longer dives.

CCR diving is awesome.

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Re: Classes for CCR???

Post by jsaenz »

Mel also teaches Kiss units. Most ccr divers up here are either revo, meg.
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