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Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:21 pm
by H20doctor
tides are super sweet this week and I hope you are taking advantage of the dive action...titlow, day island wall, etc..etc..etc.. I got up a little late this morning and got out to skyline a little late ... slack was at about 1045 ish ?? But i didnt get there till 11:15 .. when i arived there was no parking due to the Beach peeps , Kayak out on the flat calm water , and people reading books in cars ... who reads a book in the Car ? :angry: .. anyway I had to gear up quick and get my sorry butt into the water .. BUT guess what happens when you rush to get into the water and are trying to hurry ..? you forget things .. i got my scooter , myself and camera gear into the water and then i realized !!! i forgot my Dam tank weights that go into my Velcro pockets .. So get back out , walk up the sand, back to the car , un gear , instal weights .. back to the water ... Clip on my scooter , test it ,,,check ... wing good to go , regs , good to go ... I hit the trigger and out to the point ... the Kelp on the surface was laying down flat as glass ... but i knew the tide was running out and Skyline loves to throw surprises ... I dumped Out my wing and dropped ... I hit the rock wall and headed down to 50 feet .. the current was flowing south on me and at some parts i switched up into 3rd gear to get around some of the coves... I didnt see any large Ling cods here , zip zilch.. I was on the hunt for candy striped shrimp , and I stopped at every crimson anemone i buzzed by ... after about the 20th one i gave up ..not 1 candy striped .. most of them had kincade shrimp ... I was able to find some nice Nudis , 3 lined Falblina.. a Super Yellow twinkie . ( not a Nudi ) tons of Irish Lords , that cool wierd sponge that grows at 70 feet ... the Cukes were not open and out , and Viz was very silty and Hazy today , more like 10 to 15 feet ...
I found and octo den but didnt peer inside .... the was a Large school of young yellow tail Rockfish ... as i hit 50 mins the current was blasting me back to the beach ....
Capture 2.JPG
nudi 6.JPG
nudi 3.JPG

zoo re.JPG

3 lin re.JPG


Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:03 pm
by Vjw
Nice pics and great recap! Viz looks good.


Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:32 pm
by Gdog
U da man Doc! Nice report and pics!


Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:04 am
by H20doctor
Thanks guys I believe the proper nudibranch ID is.. 3 line Aeolid