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I-90 bridge Feb 17

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 8:03 pm
by iotium
Dove the old I-90 bridge for the first time today. Trying to follow some directions found online, we swam out to here


and then dropped and headed south. We swam south for a while and ... didn't find the bridge. I figured a highway bridge would be hard to miss, but I guess we're talented. We encountered some big I-beams and then a big 15'x15'x15' concrete block, but no bridge.

GOPR0121 (2).jpg

So then we gave up on heading south and started going east and then north, meandering from one interesting bit of trash to another and not paying much attention to our compasses. At about 35 min into the dive we finally found the bridge:




We explored it for a little while and then running low on gas we turned west for shore around the 50 min mark. We found a line someone must have rigged that seemed to lead back to shore, but it disappeared into the muck after ~50 yards so we just continued west.

The lake was a bit chilly with the bottom around 43 degrees F and the surface just a few degrees warmer. We found lots of fish under the grating of the bridge and scattered about in the sand. They seemed to be sleeping, wedged into bits of trash or just lying sideways in the sand. We thought they were dead at first but our lights seemed to wake some of them up and they darted away. Itty bitty shrimp were everywhere too.

Apologies for the terrible photos - I'm new to underwater photography and had accidentally left the camera set to "night mode" which meant very long and blurry exposures.

Please let me know if you have better directions for finding the bridge.

Re: I-90 bridge Feb 17

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 1:19 pm
by H20doctor
Hey thanks for the ride up the bridge is a pretty cool scuba dive i....t's fairly easy to find you just have to swim a bit ... Actually swim a lot from shore to the third bridge support beam.... Check the section here about shore dives and directions it should be there