Arctic Blue Lumpy

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Arctic Blue Lumpy

Post by stphnmartin » Mon Feb 24, 2020 1:53 pm

On the last ThThTh I came across this lumpsucker at 10 feet. I thought to myself, it's blue! After the dive I was telling everyone I saw a blue lumpy. The response was, "are you sure it was blue?" I shoot video in V-log so the output is a bit off, so I wasn't 100% certain till seeing it on my computer screen.

Arctic Blue!
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Re: Arctic Blue Lumpy

Post by Vjw » Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:34 pm

Such an amazing find! Love the color and its little feet peeking out!! :joshsmith:

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Re: Arctic Blue Lumpy

Post by Scubie Doo » Tue Feb 25, 2020 7:36 am

SM, that is too cool. I’ve seen bright pink, yellow/red, white. But never blue. Very nice.

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Re: Arctic Blue Lumpy

Post by ScubaJess » Tue Feb 25, 2020 3:58 pm

Super beautiful lumpy!!!! So awesome!!! :luv: :luv: :luv:
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Re: Arctic Blue Lumpy

Post by Greg Jensen » Thu Feb 27, 2020 12:19 pm

Long,long ago when I was breeding lumpies in a tank in my parent's basement, my female lumpie was an even more intense blue color than this one. All her babies turned out blue, too.

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Re: Arctic Blue Lumpy

Post by SCUBARM79 » Sun Mar 01, 2020 5:03 pm

:eek: :supz: That is a seriously cool shot. Maybe the white walkers got it and this is a sign that, "winter is coming"?

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