Clallam Bay diving ?

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Clallam Bay diving ?

Post by H20doctor » Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:59 am

anyone dive here in the bay ... i was talking with a diver the other day and he said there is structure here like the Neah Bay fingers... They said to get in at the old sherifs station and swim straight out..Slip Point


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Re: Clallam Bay diving ?

Post by KneeDeep » Mon Nov 25, 2013 9:47 am

I have dove from Salt Creek State Park which has fingers, but not in the bay side. The bay side looked pretty sandy.
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Re: Clallam Bay diving ?

Post by loanwolf » Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:15 am

There is not structure like that in the bay. They are most likely talking about the area to the south east of sail rock. But it is still a good scooter dive.
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Re: Clallam Bay diving ?

Post by WaGigKpn » Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:41 am

I heard there is awesome diving there at slip point! There are huge house sized boulders in 60ft water. (so i am told.) I am unsure the exact location but i think it is inside the bay toward the buoy. For those that fish out there you know that the area is prone to violent waves and currents so not a place for the faint of heart.

I have dove in the bay looking for Crab. Dont waste your time. It is sandy bottom with random boulders strewn about. Big Leafy kept covers the bottom. The depth was less than 50' where i was at. Lots of Geoduck but the ground was real hard and couldnt dig them up...No crab, Anywhere.

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