Buddy up? Sunrise Beach - Shore Dive 5/19/17 (Friday)

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Buddy up? Sunrise Beach - Shore Dive 5/19/17 (Friday)

Post by Gregp » Thu May 18, 2017 10:42 am

Does anyone want to buddy up on a short-notice dive to Sunrise Beach tomorrow, Friday (a 11:30am walk & splash)? My buddy decided to go on a trip with his GF and forego the favorable currents. :BDub:

We could do Fox Island West Wall (FIWW) first thing in the morning (9am), if you want.

We could stay down at Sunrise anywhere from 45min to 70+min (as conditions/gas/air/NDL permit). I'll dive 21% air, and either an 80 or 120cutft tank depending on what size you have and how long we plan on staying.

Predicted Slack/ebbs for 5/19/17 at Tacoma Narrow's North end are:
http://www.dairiki.org/tides/daily.php/nar/2017-05-19: 12:09pm
Noaa Narrows north end (40ft): 12:42pm (max current prior: 1.5kt, max current after: -2.4kt)
Noaa Narrows north end (87ft): 12:18pm

So with adjusting for slack at the site, we can walk down from the parking area at 11:30am, and splash at 11:45am. I'd be game for walking down to the site 15-30min earlier and either dropping if currents are good, or waiting at the public beach for the current to ease.

Let me know! :sunny:

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