Titan Missile Silo Dive on November 17 (Saturday)

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Titan Missile Silo Dive on November 17 (Saturday)

Postby coulterboy » Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:58 pm

The Bubbles and Suds group have a Titan Missile Silo dive in Royal, WA on November 17 (Saturday). I am taking the B & S group with me and you can definitely join us. We have three spots left. If you've never experienced that dive or it's on your bucket list, then this is your chance to dive it. You can go to Undersea Adventure Dive Shop (Kennewick) website and go to the Titan Silo dive and click on the Bubbles and Suds group and self register yourself. There are numerous articles that you can search on the web about the Titan Missile Silo dives on eastern WA, as well as Youtube vids about it. As for me, I've dived this site, and I just took the initiative to take other divers who have never been there to experience the dive.
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