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Dive Camp

Post by BUZO71 » Sun Sep 16, 2007 10:49 am

Ya know what we need? A "Dive Camp." A week in the summer or whenever we can plan to get together and dive as well as have speakers come in and educate.

I'm not talking about a week in Cozumel or Bonaire, I mean a week here in the NW, where new divers can come and learn how to dive in the NW. If we got speakers to come in and talk about things like critter ID and dive safety, made it low cost for the participants... what do ya think?

I think I'd like to attend something like that... besides it being a great reason to just dive for a week, I think some educational benifit :book: would be gained. We could make it somewhere where there are multiple dive spots to choose from, each day a new dive site would be featured.... Any thoughts?
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