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Updated Northwest Dive Club Terms of Service

Post by Tangfish » Wed Apr 29, 2009 2:54 pm

Hello folks, please know that we have recently updated the NWDC Terms of Service.
You can find the new TOS here, and in the footer below.

I know that all of you will be totally spellbound by the fascinating read and will compare and contrast what we have here diligently and thoroughly with the previous TOS verbiage, which you all of course have committed to memory.

For those of you in the vast minority who are *not* described in the paragraph above and are too lazy to read the legalese - just know that we laid down some basic, commonsense rules for the site in addition to the two cardinal rules (#1 Don't be a dick, #2 Have fun.). Just a few examples to illustrate:

    Be nice

    Don't rely on info from this site rather than proper instruction from a qualified person and experience diving

    Don't register multiple accounts to troll threads and antagonize others

    Don't bash dive agencies, or make other blanket generalizations

The list goes on, but y'all get the gist of it. I'm sure 99.9% of you already know all of this simply by having an innate sense for what is generally considered to be good manners versus poor taste.

Biggie ups to Josh, spatman, John Rawlings, Tom Nic and Zen Diver 2, who continually help to improve and maintain the site. :thankyouyellow: