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Infrared Computer Download - Win10 ver 1903

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:14 pm
by fmerkel
If you use infrared to download a dive computer, or probably any other device to a PC DO NOT UPGRADE TO Win10 ver. 1903.
Something is seriously not right.
There's a discussion in ScubaBoard about it. For more detailed info read from page 3 on: ... 517/page-3

Re: Infrared Computer Download - Win10 ver 1903

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:35 pm
by dlh
Hey Fritz, let me help you to direct this problem to Microsoft to get this properly investigated by the right folks. I use run the compatibility team at Microsoft and can ask the right engineers to investigate. You just need to Send Feedback from your PC having the issue. This is the best method to create an actionable report as it collects the right info and logs about your device at the drivers involved.

You can Collect Feedback using the Feedback App and "reproduce" you problem while you install the drivers and such. Hit WINKEY-F or run "Feedback Hub" to start. Then use the SHARE button in the Feedback report you create to send that directly to me.

Email the link to ""

Re: Infrared Computer Download - Win10 ver 1903

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 12:49 pm
by fmerkel
Been working with a guy in the MS forum:
This is the thread, page 3: ... b0e?page=3
You can get a lot more info if you are willing to dig through the thread.

The key, at least for me is posted below. It would seem you HAVE to be able to see Infrared in [Control Panel]. Once that's there you can insert the IrDA USB dongle, go to [Device Manager], and "add" or "update" your IrDA drivers. I was able to use "update".

These are the commands to get the IrDA stack installed:
[In the mean time I have found the powershell commands to check the IRDA status and how to add it and remove it.

Run PowerShell as administrator
Query state of the IrDA components:
get-WindowsCapability -online -Name "Network.Irda~~~~"

Remove-WindowsCapability -online -Name "Network.Irda~~~~"

add-WindowsCapability -online -Name "Network.Irda~~~~"

this appears to do the same as the Adding on the GUI. But sometimes in MS it works better with a script.
At least the first command can do no harm and will show you the status.]

Note: if that first Query command comes back with:
[State :Present]
And the IrDA is shown in [Control Panel] you may have a driver problem.

Bug or Quirk: The above Query turns up [State : Not Present] in version 1809, even though the Infrared IS present and working fine. The person helping me did not have an explanation for this at the time.