Muvi K2 found at alike cove 2

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Muvi K2 found at alike cove 2

Post by JJHACK » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:58 am

As the title says, I found a Muvi K2 at alki in about 75 feet of water. It was attached to a head strap mount. This camera had been in the sea quite a while, both the strap and the case were encrusted with barnicles and other sea growth. The case itself was difficult to tell what I was looking at with the muck and growth on it. Only the strap made it possible to realize what I had picked up.

Once on shore, I could see better what I found. The case was bone dry inside. Impressive considering the depth and the time it must have been under the water. Not sure how long it takes for something to be covered in barnicles? I eventually managed to get the case opened which confiremed that the contents were never wet. Unfortunately that could not be said about the battery. It leaked throughout the inside of the case. This caused the plastic to become so brittle that it just crumbled to bits while trying to get it out.

I found the Micro SD card which looked perfectly intact. I thought maybe I could play the contents and find out how to connect this with the owner. Unfortunately again, that micro SD card would not load anything. It's intact but blank or destroyed internally. I had another SD card adapter so I tried that. Same result trying to read the card, but now I cannot get the micro out of the SD reader card. It's falling apart inside there!

Oh well, it's an interesting find, but short of FBI forensics there is no way to read the contents. The case looks to be usable and a well proven waterproof design. I'm not conveinced that the battery acid did not comprimise this plastic in some way though.
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Re: Muvi K2 found at alike cove 2

Post by Magoi » Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:30 am

Nice find, too bad it was in bad shape. My wife once found a video camera on a headband, also at Cove 2. It had only been in the water a couple weeks, so I was able to charge it and see what it had on it. I saw a nice video of the diver who lost it swimming away as it sank to the bottom. However, I was able to find the diver (an Idaho diver) who lost it and I did get it back to him.
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