San Diego, Whales and Dolphins

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San Diego, Whales and Dolphins

Post by oldsalt » Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:03 pm

We traveled to San Diego for the weekend hoping to see blue or fin whales. We didn't see either, yet came back pleased. Our first boat trip out of Mission Bay produced hundreds of common dolphins, a humpback whale, and several seabirds, some of which were new to me. My second trip was on the schooner America which is a replica of the yacht which won the first America's Cup.
Schooner America
We immediately encountered a large pod of common dolphins, which grew to about a thousand individuals. I include a couple of shots.
Common Dolphin
We don't see these in the Northwest, we have a couple other species. These are also different from what we see in Hawaii. Here is a mother with her calf. The newborn stays very close to mom.
Mother dolphin with calf
We also saw a humpback. When I compared my pictures, I believe it was the same individual I saw on an earlier trip.
Humpback "humping"
We were thrilled when this animal breached right next to the boat. Spectacular.
I have been sailing these waters for over 50 years, my first time sailing from San Diego was 1965. Humpbacks used to be a real rarity, seen in Alaska and Hawaii. I have seen them each time I have been out in California and Washington in recent years. Scientists speculate it may have something to do with a disruption of their Arctic food supply. To quote Spock, "Fascinating".
-Curt :rawlings:
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Re: San Diego, Whales and Dolphins

Post by SCUBARM79 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:41 am

:thankyouyellow: :thumb3d: Very Cool.

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