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Whales ride the tide

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 7:53 pm
by oldsalt
Gray whales have been spouting as regular as Old Faithful. During this Covid era, every high tide brings in two or three whales. Usually they are too far out to get any pictures. On the fourth of July one came in extremely close to our bank.
Here is it moving toward our home.
Whale dorsal view
This shows how near the shore it was.
Shore view
This picture mat be unexceptional, but when I was looking down and realized I was seeing the animal under water, it excited me.
Whale under water
A couple nights later, I caught one lunging. The orange color is the result of the light from the setting sun.
Lunging whale
I left home last weekend for the first time to go to sea with Westport Seabirds. While we were stopped watching some albatross, a couple of friendly humpback whales came by. Tide was not a consideration for them, we were over Grays Canyon, over 3000 feet deep.
A fluke says goodbye. Barnacles and all.
The gray whales continue. One is spouting while I type this. I signed up to go out with Westport Seabirds again on August 29th. Come join me.
-Curt :rawlings: