Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance

Post by 60south »

Hey all,

I'm taking a little trip up to God's Pocket (yay!) a week from now, and looking at travel insurance. The trip is a bit expensive, of course, but I'm only interested in coverage for big catastrophic medical expenses like road accidents or being bitten by an orca. If the trip gets cancelled due to weather or covid or meteor strike, I can live with that and just eat the expense.

Sooo... Getting quotes, it turns out that the majority of the cost of travel insurance appears to be for things like trip cancellation coverage, which I don't care about. With that in mind, I put in a total trip cost of $1 and the prices came waaaay down. Like, DAN travel insurance for the week is something like $30-40, and AIG was ... drum roll please ... $6. For a week. Full medical coverage up to some large dollar amount, medevac, missed connection, etc.

Okay, uh, Whaaaat? Can I do that? Is there some weird clause that says you most declare the full cost of your trip? I haven't been able to find anything that explicitly requires that. And how would they know or why would they care if I want to under-insure the trip? What if I wasn't staying at a resort, just camping, and the trip cost really was just a few bucks?

What am I missing here? I'll probably just go for it regardless because why not.

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Re: Travel Insurance

Post by ScubaJess »

Hi Glenn,

Not sure but $6 sounds great! Have a fantastic trip and safe travels!!! 🚗🎵🎶🌊🤿📸🐟🐙🕵️‍♀️🦑🦈💖🇨🇦🥳 Take lots of pics!!!

Death by orca would make a cool obituary, but please don't do it lol 🤣🐳🖖🤗
Live Long And Prosper!!!

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Re: Travel Insurance

Post by Boarderguy »

Pretty sure that DAN covers all the extra medivac costs and a host of additional things with their basic or enhanced membership. You get a chamber ride and a few more goodies if you elect to get their basic insurance. All in you're looking at about $80 for a year of insurance for all dive related and other problems that may arise. I have a DAN family membership with me being the only dive insured one for the time being. That was $100 for 4 people including my insurance.
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Re: Travel Insurance

Post by Jeff Pack »

I thought I'd used DAN, but theres fine print about depth limitations, not a concern for your diving, but I'd went elsewhere.

But for your diving should be fine. WE used H2O insurance for our gear

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