random free dive gear

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random free dive gear

Post by iotium » Sat Sep 12, 2020 6:54 pm

cleaning out the closet. all free. I'm in seattle, eastlake neighborhood.

-tank boots, both 8.00" and 7.25" dia
-mesh tank protector cover thingies
-yoke tank valves. burst discs have been removed and need to be replaced
-line cutter with spare blades. don't think this has ever been wet
-tank handle
-UK400 light - incandescent bulb, takes 4 D cell batteries. light color is actually really warm and nice compared to modern LEDs
-UKC8 light - xenon bulb, takes 8 C cell batteries. bulb is pretty much dead
-zeagle scout BC. size large, 33 lb lift, needs new inflator. probably 15-20 years old but hasn't been used in at least 10.

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