FS: DUI FLX 50/50 Women's Drysuit - Size L - $800 OBO

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FS: DUI FLX 50/50 Women's Drysuit - Size L - $800 OBO

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Since it's not looking like I will be enticed back to the "refreshing" waters of Puget Sound (or the PNW in general) anytime soon, I have decided to part with my cold water dive gear. Item number one on the block is my drysuit.

It is a gently used DUI FLX 50/50 in a stock size L (womens). I bought it slightly used from another local diver and then used it myself a handful of times. I had the neck seal replaced with a neoprene one when I purchased it and I switched out the wrist seals to zip seals, so all that stuff is like new. Since mid-2010, it has been resting comfortably in my garage. Not a whole lot of wear and tear on it. I really like the suit, but I'm definitely not going to be cold-water diving again anytime soon, and it seems a shame to have my gear sit there gathering dust.

I think there are DUI boots (size 10 womens/8 mens) that I will throw in, too. And, of course, the blue Smurf gloves that zip on the wrist seals.

If you are interested, PM me and we can figure out how to set something up so you can check out the drysuit. (I'm in Bonaire for the foreseeable future, but the suit is in my garage in North Bend.)



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