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Selling great condition sport kiss

Posted: Mon May 26, 2014 9:18 pm
by Josh777
Love this unit and hate to sell it. This re breather has gotten me through mod1 and mod 2 but now I am on to deeper, further, and longer dive adventures. Wife says if I want my new toy I have to sell this one. It has everything that is needed to keep it diving for years. I would like to sell it as a package this includes:
· Stainless steel box that was powder coated black and then I had a custom Kiss decal made
· Includes Narked at 90 kiss stand. (Great for putting unit on and for holding argon, cans, etc.. as well as attachment point for bailout bottles.)
· I have 3 scrubber canisters for this unit. Great to prepack scrubbers and then you have days of diving. You only need to drop another canister in the unit. ( 1 of the scrubbers is new never seen water)
· 2 of the scrubbers have all 4 plugs. 1 of the scrubbers has 2 plugs.
· There are 2 medium counter lung sets. ( 1 is brand new never seen water)
· Have 1 set of small counter lungs. Used very little.
· I have the red pods the unit came with that have been upgraded to the r22d cells.
· I also have a complete exhaust pod with adv and opv that is brand new. (value 583.00) never seen water.
· I have a inhale bare black pod that is brand new
· I have loop hose with quick disconnects That will come with either a ISC DSV (how I prefer to dive it) or you can have the VR/Kiss Bov. If you want both we can make a deal. I will also throw in a brand new set of quick disconnects so you could have the bov set ready to go and get another set of loop hoses with the dsv.
· I have a brass Titan 3gas MAV with off board attachment.( not the aluminum one) I feel this is a great upgrade with the kiss rebreather. Nice to know you can flush the loop without having to breathe it out or reach your back in a tight spot. ADD o2, dil, or off board in a pinch.
· There is an apex first stage and miflex hoses for the o2 side as well as the kiss leaky valve and o2 MAV.
· Hog first stage with Coldwater kit for the dil
· I have spare O-rings to last for quite some time as well as re-build kits for the vr/kiss BOV
· I am including a Shearwater HUD that is hardwired into the pod.
· There is also a Fischer cable hardwired that I had my Petrol hooked up to for po2 and decompression. (keeping petrol)
· I can sell my VRX fischer computer that has the C4 pin unlocked for 1 or 3 cell monitoring as well as full trimix. This computer will also give real time decompression monitoring. You would just need to get the VRX cable. And then you would be dive ready with 3 new cells. This computer is a separate item from the re-breather unit. I am willing to make a deal though.
· There are other odds and ends such as adv diaphragm and stuff I am sure I am not thinking of at this time.
If you have any questions please ask and I will be happy to answer. Unit is located in the Portland Oregon area. I bought this unit after verifying its condition with Mel Clark and Curt McNamee whom were familiar with it. They are both familiar with it since I have owed it as well. I would bet they would verify its condition. I will sell this unit with all the spares and parts for $3,500.00 or $4,000 with the vrx. This unit is well worth it and great to dive, wife just won’t let me have 2.
If shipped buyer assumes shipping cost as well as pay pal fees etc.

Re: Selling great condition sport kiss

Posted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:22 pm
by Josh777
Still for sale mske offer

Re: Selling great condition sport kiss

Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:54 am
by Jdailey777
Make an offer need to sell asap for some diving next month :joshsmith: