Scuba stuff for sale

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Scuba stuff for sale

Post by McGinnis » Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:48 am

Finally coming to the realization that I won't be doing any diving any time soon, or much of anything for a very long time with our first born 6 weeks away. Had some luck selling on here before so here we go! :supz:

Located in Eugene. Open to offers. Email if for pictures.

Tanks are out of hydro and VIS. LP95 are white and in good condition, AL80 are silver and in great condition. AL13 has some wear and tear.
2- Faber LP95 12/09 w/ L and R DIN valves $190 ea
2- Catalina AL80 04/09 w/ L and R DIN valves $110 ea
1- Catalina AL13 08/10 DIN valve $65

Scuba Pro Jet fins with spring straps XL $70
Scuba Pro Twin Jet XL $55
Scuba Pro Twin Jet S $55
SMB Sausage $15 - SOLD
2- O'Neill 3/2 Mens Large $30
O'Neill 3/2 Womens Size 12 $30
Booties Size 7 $10
Booties Size 12 $10
Drysuit Hood $10
Suunto SK7 Compass Wrist mount with bungee $50 -pending
UWATEC analog depth gauge $50
Dive Rite Nomad JT $230
Deep Outdoors Mask Pocket $10
Aluminum Frame line reel w/ line $35
2- Cressi Big Eyes $25ea
Mares Low Volume Mask $15
2-Dive Rite SPG w/ 6" hose $50ea 1 sold
Dive Rite 1st State $65
OMS SPG w/ hp hose $65
Dive Rite 2nd Stage RG3100 $65
Mares Axis 2nd State $40
100# lift bag $25-sold
HOG 2nd state on 7' LP $85-sold
HOG 2nd stage $65- sold
HOG 1st stage $65 -solds
Suunto Gekko $130 (spare batteries/O-rings included)
Blue Steel Twin Valves (missing cross bar) $20
Finger Spool $10
Pelican Nemo 2410 $15
3- UK Dive Beacon $10 ea
Tusa Second Stage $50
Suunto SM-36 SPG $65
Various LP, HP and inflator hoses. $5-$10
XS Scuba weight belt $5
Deep Sea 5mm gloves $5
Mares Trigloves 6.5mm $10

I have a front entry drysuit but haven't decided that I want to let that go just yet. Stay tuned for updates!

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Re: Scuba stuff for sale

Post by ScubaJess » Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:47 pm

What are the booties like? Are the wet suit or rock boots?
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Re: Scuba stuff for sale

Post by verrinne » Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:50 pm

Are you able to ship
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Re: Scuba stuff for sale

Post by McGinnis » Fri Aug 07, 2015 2:51 pm

Sorry, wasn't signed up for notifications on this!

I can ship, yes.

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Re: Scuba stuff for sale

Post by Mateo1147 » Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:46 am

PM sent on the lift bag and all three Hog regs.
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