WA Surplus - scuba stuff

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WA Surplus - scuba stuff

Post by Bubble Guppy » Tue Dec 18, 2018 1:02 pm

Noticed some basic gear at the WA State Surplus store in Tumwater. Comes from Fire/Rescue/River training.

2 piece Harvey Wetsuits $12 jackets, $12 bibs and some
Jacket BCDs at similar prices.
Hoods $6.50, really used fins for real cheap.
$5 dive knives w/holster sheath (at the glass cabinet)

Viking drysuits(rubber) size =Goliath.
Harvey drysuits(neo) call them for pricing, as of this morning the Harvey drysuits were priced at $17.50 but may change if stock doesn’t move soon.
The Vikings had not been put on the rack yet so ask to see them in the back.

Also a few tanks, grab bags of hoses, valves, etc.

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