Selling Halcyon HDVexp Scooter AKA Suex XK1

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Selling Halcyon HDVexp Scooter AKA Suex XK1

Postby Kees » Thu Dec 27, 2018 9:51 pm

I'm selling my Halcyon HDVexp, which many of you may also recognize as a Suex's flagship scooter, the XK1... but with every available option. Although no longer sold by Halcyon, the scooter is still supported by Suex dealers around the country and around the world.

This is a bombproof scooter with a robust latching mechanism that minimizes the risk of leaks and water intrusion. It's never been flooded, and is in excellent shape. The Halcyon EXP has a two stage scooter that makes matching speeds with your team a breeze -- press it down halfway for cruise speed (adjustable underwater) or fully down for 100% speed, which is QUITE fast.

Switching from salt water to fresh and the reverse is an absolute breeze. A pair of salt water weights can be removed in about 60 seconds, and the unit comes trimmed out perfectly.

The scooter has a 3-LED power remaining indicator, adjustable speeds, an accessory mount, a long-range handle (to make long scooter runs even easier) and an emergency bypass that allows the scooter to run even in the even the electronics have been damaged. The propeller can be removed and unfouled easily underwater with no special tools. The scooter even features a soft start, so ramping up to high speeds is quite comfortable.

Included is everything needed to make this scooter work for you: The scooter, the replaceable weights, the battery, a charger, original hard-copy manuals, and a charger case (for traveling). I am willing to ship at your cost.

Asking $5,250, but open to offers.
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