Pool gear needed

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Pool gear needed

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Hi guys, Im teaching on the East side in Walla Walla, yeah you UWS guys know who I am!

I hate using actually good gear in the pool all the time. It's just too harsh on equipment! So if you have functional older bits of dive gear let me know what you have and what dirt cheap price I can get it for. We all know instructors are not rich or making a great living teaching this stuff!

I have masks and snorkels, could use a couple regs and a couple small BC's. Even a couple small wetsuits the smaller folks seem to get cold after and hour or so even in a 80 plus degree pool. Maybe I would be getting cold too but I'm always in a wetsuit!

Soft weights, and weight belts are always welcome as well! Small fins bare foot or not( even split fins!) Anyway, if you have excess clutter that may still work let me know. Even a couple decent tanks would help me a lot. Hard to buy all this stuff to teach kids and students that just don't have the financial capacity to Aquire all they need for the class. I'm also about to embark in a training class the Juvinile Justice system is asking me about. So there will be a few teenage kids that need to do DSD with me in the pool. Not looking for a handout just offering to help you thin the herd if your getting overwhelmed with all that stored gear!

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I'm finishing an open water class at Cove 2 saturday and sunday so I'll be on that side of the mountains this weekend!
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Re: Pool gear needed

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I have 2 extra tanks kicking around that you can have for cheap.
#1 is a faber mid pressure 72. Historically a 3300psi tank but doesn't have a REE stamped on it so hard to plus rate nowadays. 3000psi without a plus. Heavy negative and short (stubby) tank similar dimensions to an 3442psi hp 80 nowadays.
#2 is an lp72, same dealio no +rating. so 2250 psi.

Both are galvanized, hydroed a few years ago, no rust inside or out. With new DGX valves, they have boots on them. VIP is probably expired. I can drain and VIP them for you or leave them full of air. The valves alone are about $40 and haven't even been wet. I can get you hydro dates tonight.

How about $135 for both?
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