PNW Tech Diving Instructors

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PNW Tech Diving Instructors

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As Pacific Northwest divers fall deeper and deeper in love with diving in our emerald green waters, many find themselves thinking about taking the plunge into technical diving. Often they may wonder where to turn for quality instruction that is best suited to them.

The Pacific Northwest is blessed with a large number of extremely qualified instructors from a number of training agencies, offering divers a variety of options.

What follows is an alphabetical listing of the names of highly qualified technical diving instructors here in the Pacific Northwest, along with contact information, web-site listing, and affiliated training agencies. Some of the finest instructors around are to be found here, offering a wide variety of options for those seeking technical dive instruction.

When seeking technical instruction, divers are urged to “do their homework” and find the instructor and training program that is best suited for their needs.

This is not an all inclusive listing. Anyone aware of a qualified instructor not listed here should contact the Moderators so that accurate information can be provided.

Instructor Name: Ron Akeson
Dive Shop/Business: Adventures Down Under
Location: Bellingham, Washington
Training Agencies: TDI
Phone Contact: (360) 676-4177
Web Site:

Instructor Name: Scott Christopher
Dive Shop/Business: Sound Aquatics
Location: Kenmore, Washington
Training Agencies: NAUI, TDI
Phone Contact: (425) 241-1113
Web Site:

Instructor Name: Mel Clark
Dive Shop/Business: Silent Scuba
Location: Mill Creek, Washington
Training Agencies: TDI, IANTD
Phone Contact: (425) 418-7426
Web Site:

Instructor Name: Matthew Den Haan
Dive Shop/Business: Northwest Sport Divers
Location: Kenmore, Washington
Training Agencies: NAUI
Phone Contact: (425) 487-0624
Web Site:

Instructor Name: Koos du Preez
Dive Shop/Business: Stellar Diving
Location: Seattle
Training Agencies: PADI / DSAT / GUE
Phone Contact: 425-358-0123
Web Site:

Instructor name: Marc Pyle
Independent instructor
Training Agency:NAUI
Phone Contact: 253-508-1864

Instructor Name: Jeanna Edgerton
Dive Shop/Business: Frog Kick Diving
Location: Seattle, Washington
Training Agencies: UTD, NAUI
Phone Contact: (206) 992-6590
Web Site:

Instructor Name: Sandra M. Herrera
Dive Shop/Business: Independent - contact:
Location: Arlington, Washington
Training Agencies: TDI
Phone Contact: (425) 239-7993
Web Site:

Instructor Name: Don Kinney
Dive Shop/Business: Hoodsport-n-Dive/Edmonds Technical Dive Training
Location: Hoodsport, Washington
Training Agencies: TDI
Phone Contact: 206-618-3096
Web Site:

Instructor Name: Terry Miller
Dive Shop/Business: Miller Diving
Location: Everett, Washington
Training Agencies: PADI - DSAT
Phone Contact: (206) 396-9221
Web Site:

Instructor Name: Guy Shockey
Location: Seattle & Vancouver Island
Training Agencies: GUE
Phone Contact: 250-732-5055
Web Site:

Instructor Name: Brian Wiederspan
Dive Shop/Business: Frog Kick Diving
Location: Seattle, Washington
Training Agencies: UTD, NAUI
Phone Contact: (206) 351-2019
Web Site:

Instructor Name: Randy Williams
Dive Shop/Business: Starfish Diving/Tacoma Scuba
Location: Seattle/Tacoma
Training Agencies: TDI
Phone Contact: (206) 387-6749
Web Site:

Potential tech diving students can also obtain information about each training agency by visiting the web sites listed alphabetically below:




PADI - DSAT: ... fault.aspx