Revivng an old thread on clear lake cave/cavern

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Revivng an old thread on clear lake cave/cavern

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Been a member for a bit but finally posting to the new members section so I can get my forum training wheels. My name is Josh and I have gotten the tech bug to include hypoxic rebreather diving as well as Mel's disease (Cave Diving). In my defense she did twist my arm a little going on about diving in warm fresh water and how you don't have to clean salt water out of your gear and of course showed me some amazing pictures, but I have to say once inside Ginny and Peacock and Eagles Nest I fell in love with the caves and understand the passion for them.
My problem is I live in the Northwest and all I can think about is finding some underground fun locally. I recently found out about Vancouver and I am going to have to look further into that but I live in Oregon. I did see a thread on here from 2010 asking about possible cave at Clear Lake in Oregon near sisters. I have read that it is fed by underground caverns but can find very little info about it. I was out there yesterday and started poking around the algae near obvious vents on the bottom and found fissures that lead underground. One or two looked possible to enter but I had my scooter rebreather and bailouts etc... that were too bulky to climb into with.

My question is , there was mention of a blue room that could be reached. Anyone have any info on this? I would love to find out more as I will be going back and searching for more possible entries. Also would love to meet or here from any other like minded individuals in the Northwest that enjoy cave diving or any diving for that matter :) I would just love to find opportunity to stay cave sharp locally. Yes I will still travel but if there is opportunity in the NW I would love to partake :supz:

Happy Diving stay safe!
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