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Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 9:16 am
by basswanson
Hi all! My name is Ben, and I've just moved to Seattle from New York. I'm certified as an Advanced Open Water diver and have done about 20 dives, all in tropical places. I'm excited to try out cold water diving here in the PNW!

As far as logistics, I live in Capitol Hill and have a car, and don't yet own dive gear but am happy to rent it. For the next two weeks (until 9/10), I have a really flexible schedule and would love to get some dives in. After that, I'll mostly be free on Friday evenings and Saturdays.

Re: Hello!

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:34 pm
by Gdog
Hey, how about a belated welcome! We are glad you are here. Jump in on the discussions, ask questions, and join in on the diving!

Re: Hello!

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:07 pm
by Penopolypants
Welcome to the board, and to the PNW! If you're up for some diving this weekend, I am available. Let me know!