New Diver, Olympia-based

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Hi, I'm New To NWDC!
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New Diver, Olympia-based

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Hello All!

I got certified about a year ago in Hawaii. After deciding that I had possibly ruined diving for myself, I vowed that I would immediately get drysuit certified so I did that with the help of Off the Hook in Lacey last January.

Like a good ADHD -fueled nerd, I am slowly accumulating the "stuff" for this hobby while trying to accumulate experience as well. I take well to being a cold water diver as I spent ten years teaching skiing and a good chunk of that bouncing my head off ice chunks whitewater kayaking mud season in Vermont.

Though I once again lack weekends and Tuesday mornings due to my current career, my schedule is otherwise flexible with some notice. I still have no idea what to look for as far as appropriate sites and tides are concerned, but I can move things around to dive with you with some notice.

Looking forward to exploring everything the Sound and Canal have to offer!

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