Welcome To The Dive Club!

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Welcome To The Dive Club!

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Welcome to the NorthWest Dive Club. This dive club began during the spring of '05 when a handful of dive buddies decided that they needed a way to plan dives. Since then, we've had a bit of turnover as some members moved away and others got married or their bosses put their bubble-breathing days on hold. We're always welcoming in new members to come on dives and to talk about equipment and experiences abroad. The requirements for membership are simple: there are none! No dues, no hazing, no experience required....just some friends who like to dive in and around the Pacific Northwest. The mission of the club is to help people buddy-up to have safe, fun and exciting dive adventures. We have friends who came into the club looking to get their Open Water certification, and others who stopped counting their dives after several thousand.

Also, if you feel like sporting a cool NW Dive Club t-shirt around town to help spread the word, please contact ScubaJess.

Well, if you made it this far you deserve to get into the action. All that we ask is that you fill out your profile when registering and that you drop into the Introductions Forum and introduce yourself to us so that we can greet you with a warm welcome. Useful information to include, if you're looking for a dive buddy: the general area where you are interested in meeting for dives (for example: West Seattle, Hood Canal, South Sound, etc.), your comfort with cold water diving and anything in particular you'd like to learn or see.

Welcome to NWDC!