Scout Lake (Central Oregon)

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Scout Lake (Central Oregon)

Post by LittleGoat » Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:44 am

Dive Site Name: Scout Lake

Skill Level: All Divers

Current Sensitive: Nope

Location/Address: 44.410118,-121.746984

Directions: It is located off from Highway 20/126 in between Sisters, OR and Eugene/Salem, OR. Take the Suttle Lake turn off. Go left at the first fork and right at the next fork.

Free Parking: No. It requires a $5 (as of 2011) fee or free with Northwest Forest Service Pass

Staging Area: Good, gradual and gravel

Surface Swim: Nonexistent

Nearby Facilities: Out houses put in by Forest Service, the next closest would the the Suttle Lake Resort

Special Considerations: This is a popular lake to swim at in the summer. Keep that in mind when choosing your dates to dive.

Maximum Depth: 25' if you stick your equipment in the mud.

Known Hazards: Very soft bottom (viz turns to 0 fast). Altitude dive (5837 feet above sea level)

Dive Site Description: This is a small lake in Central Oregon. It is touted to be one of the warmest lakes due to it's size and depth. There isn't any life (aside from an occasional Fire Belly Newt). The bottom is littered with cans and bottles so bring your goody bag and help clean up. Swimming goggles are common as are sunglasses. If you are lucky then you might find a wallet (like I did. it was down there for a while though). Make sure to keep your "keeper" objects in water to clean them up when you get home. Viz is usually good for Oregon (20') when there aren't any swimmers. If there are then it is closer to 10'. The bottom is silty and roughly 3' thick. Thermocline is roughly 15' down.
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Re: Scout Lake (Central Oregon)

Post by BASSMAN » Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:57 am

Nice, thanks!
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