Instructions For Posting Dive Site Listings

This forum consists of a listing of dive sites, including directions and other essential info. Plan your dive, dive your plan.
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Re: Instructions For Posting Dive Site Listings

Postby Dive Club Captain » Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:44 am

Additionally, if you discover a typo or error in the original listing, please contact one of the moderators to help you correct the post in question.

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Postby Dive Club Captain » Sat Nov 03, 2007 8:49 pm

Refer to the below descriptions to classify a site.

All Divers: These are dives located in areas requiring only basic open water skills and scuba training to dive safely.

Intermediate: These dives have 2 or 3 prominent hazards (see below) that need to be considered when planning and executing a dive.

Advanced: These dives have multiple hazards requiring accurate planning and advanced skills to dive safely.

Tech: These dives are generally beyond the scope of recreational diving. Anything with a max depth deeper than 130 FSW and dives requiring decompression stops are automatically considered Tech dives.

Common Hazards: current, surge, heavy surf, boat traffic, entanglement (fishing line, kelp, etc.), overhead obstacles (wreck dives), extremely soft bottom (lake diving), rocky/steep entry/exit area.

(Adapted from Northwest Shore Dives, 3rd Ed.)

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Instructions For Posting Dive Site Listings

Postby Dive Club Captain » Mon May 08, 2006 12:15 pm

Hello Dive Club Members and Visitors,

This sub-forum will serve as a listing of regional dive sites, to aid us in choosing locations and planning dives. Please follow the standard format for entries in this forum, so that we can quickly access and understand vital info about dive sites.

Any NWDC member may submit a Dive Site listing.

Now, for the basic ground rules:

    One entry per dive site - add to an existing listing rather than creating duplicates.

    Keep it short and concise - we need vital info here, with specific accounts and trip reports staying in the Dive Plans & Trip Reports forum.

    Post photography or other additional information by replying to the original post, keeping things tidy.

    Re-read your listing for accuracy - a slip of the keyboard could result in a hwy 101 being a hwy 110, sending our buddies off to a desert.

    Keep in mind that others will likely edit your entry, so don't feel offended if you see some adjustments, additions or deletions.

The basic format should be (please copy and paste to begin your entry):

Dive Site Name: Yadda Yadda

Skill Level: (All Divers, Intermediate, Advanced, Tech) See Below for descriptions.

Current Sensitive: (yes/no - it might also be relevant to provide a link to the tide table for that day and location)

Location/Address: 123 Current Dr

Directions: (specify driving vs. boating)

Free Parking: (yes/no)

Staging Area: (good/average/none)

Surface Swim: (short/med/long)

Nearby Facilities: (bathrooms, food, etc.)

Special Considerations:

Maximum Depth: (or typical range)

Known Hazards: (tough entry, egress, known entanglement hazards, etc.)

Dive Site Description: (keep this short and sweet. for example, "this site has a 40' wreck, several i-beams and 3 tire-reefs. marine life is abundant in the shallows and visibility tends to be murky on the weekends from the OW classes).

IMPORTANT: Please provide a reference and a link to any sources from which you obtain information such as site descriptions. It's even better if you select the text you borrowed and press the 'quote' button to make it obvious that you are not the original author. Though you are encouraged to write your own description, sometimes this is not possible or someone else just did a terrific job. Failing to provide proper attribution is actually illegal (and quite rude).

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