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Octopus Hole - Hood Canal

Posted: Fri May 12, 2006 4:20 pm
by Maverick
Dive Site Name: Octopus Hole

Current Sensitive: No

Location/Address: Hoodsport, Washington (Hood Canal)

Directions: From Seattle, South I-5 to exit 104, which is the north highway 101 exit. Drive about 5.7 miles and turn right at the 101 junction toward Shelton, Port Angeles. Now drive north 28 miles on Hwy 101 to the town of Hoodsport. Go through hoodsport the turn out is less than 4 miles from town, on the right side of the road. there is a turn out for parking and a sign high in the trees, easy to miss, but its there. (Directions by Erin Keck and I)

Free Parking: Yes, although very limited. Carpooling advised.

Staging Area: Good

Surface Swim: Short - Moderate

Nearby Facilities: Nothing at the site but not far to Hoodsport, for food. FreshH2O. Showers at the Potlatch State Park, just before entering Hoodsport.

Special Considerations: Although there is little to no current be careful of boat traffic, they cruise pretty close to shore, so use a dive flag. Bring friends to share in viewing wolf eels and GPO's.

Maximum Depth: The wall ranges from 30 - 70fsw

Dive Site Description: From the point of entry after hopping the Gaurd rail (be careful it is tough with 100 pounds of gear) follow the trail to the waters edge and swim on a 145 degree heading. The ledge is hard to miss, but easy to fall in love with, so bring two tanks.


Re: Octopus Hole - Hood Canal

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 10:13 am
by Spanky
An alternate method of finding the wall is to head south along the shore (we did it via surface swim) to a snag on the point. From the snag, swim straight out from shore to find the north end of the wall -- maybe 30 yards.