Thea Park aka "The Mud Pit"

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Thea Park aka "The Mud Pit"

Post by BASSMAN » Sun Mar 22, 2009 11:38 pm

I have only dove this site a couple of times so I would like to see if anyone would be bold enough to help with this
"Dive site Description" :smt064

Skill Level: (All Divers) See Below for descriptions.

Current Sensitive: (no)


Directions: Off I-5 take the I-705 Exit
Follow I-705 as it magically turns into Pacific Ave
Head straight on to Schuster Park way
Right turn onto "E" Dock street (first light after getting onto the ParkWay)
If you miss it, you have to travel about a mile on Schuster Park Way to turn
around and take a left onto "E" Dock Street.

Free Parking: Yes, but not large

Staging Area: Parking lot is very close to entry

Surface Swim: very short or none

Nearby Facilities: I have found a bathroom at the near by "Dock Street" building. but there is nothing close by.

Maximum Depth: 50 - 60 Average :dontknow: Could be deeper.

Known Hazards: Very silty bottom "The Mud Pit"

Dive Site Description:
There is an upside down barge here that has the back side opened up to see inside "I would not try to enter it due to the massive silt here!" [-X I'm not sure of the size due to limmited vis. This is a great site to practice your frog kick or split fin helicopter skills. but I would like to hear others input on this site.
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