Lake Merwin, WA

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Lake Merwin, WA

Post by spatman » Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:54 pm

Dive Site Name: Lake Merwin

Skill Level: All Divers

Current Sensitive: not really, small if any

Location/Address: Speelyai Recreation Area, Lake Merwin

Directions: google map

Parking: $3 fee per vehicle

Staging Area: good sized parking lot and a picnic area as well.

Surface Swim: short

Nearby Facilities: bathrooms

Maximum Depth: unknown, more dives needed. some reports of very deep areas depending on which part of the lake.

Known Hazards: boaters

Dive Site Description: easy access near the swimming area to the left of the boat ramp. at the end of the picnic areas is a staircase into the water, which might be good if there are a lot of swimmers.

underwater contour is gradual with a silty bottom. we worked our way north away from the boat ramp and main body of the lake. several tree stumps and logs, a few fish and that's about it.

viz (mid-june) was 5' below 25-30ffw, but 15'+ above. temps 64 near the surface and a noticeable thermocline at about 20' dropping the temp to the mid-50s.

definitely a good site for students and practicing. maybe more interesting stuff to see in other profiles.


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