PADI Instructor Recommendation (Eastside)

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PADI Instructor Recommendation (Eastside)

Post by Tangfish »

Hi All,

I need a few good recommendations for a PADI instructor to do a referral OW cert for two of my friends. They live in Issaquah and location is a factor, and want to do a referral to a resort in the Maldives.

Please let me know if you know of a good instructor to pair them with, and also list what shop they're with if they're not independent.

I'd say that location-wise, anywhere on the Greater Eastside would be much preferred.

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Re: PADI Instructor Recommendation (Eastside)

Post by CaptnJack »

Peter Rothschild in Woodinville is the "go to" eastside PADI instructor IMO. I know he has worked with/at Bubbles in the past although I don't know his current relationship with them.

"Peter guy" on this board. ... file&u=318
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Re: PADI Instructor Recommendation (Eastside)

Post by John Rawlings »

+1 for Peter. I think that he is now an independant instructor and is not affiliated with any particular shop, but that may have changed.
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Re: PADI Instructor Recommendation (Eastside)

Post by LCF »

Peter still teaches through Bubbles, but if a student wanted to be sure to have him as an instructor, it would work better to contact him independently. Bubbles classes are rotated through the staff instructors.

And thank you, Richard and John! As Peter's DM, I can tell you we do our darnedest to turn out the best prepared divers we can.
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Re: PADI Instructor Recommendation (Eastside)

Post by Dusty2 »

+ 1 for Peter and Lynn, A caring well coordinated team is far better than just an instructor with a random DM.

My first OW class was just that, an instructor with a few random DM's and it really sucked. My second attempt was with a husband and wife team and everything went smooth as silk.

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Re: PADI Instructor Recommendation (Eastside)

Post by lizard0924 »

Mari Jachetta in Kirkland is also great. She was my instructor for my Rescue Diver course, and I really enjoyed my time spent with her. (And I am super-picky about the instructors I work with.) At that time, she was working thru UWS.

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