Driving over altitude after diving - best practices?

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Re: Driving over altitude after diving - best practices?

Postby 60south » Thu May 22, 2014 4:48 pm

In the past, I've planned dives as if I was already at the maximum altitude I'd be driving to after the dive. Easy peezey.

Since the drive was always somewhat later than the dive(s), that approach also built in a bit of conservativeness to the planning.

If there's an error in that reasoning please post it here.

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Driving over altitude after diving - best practices?

Postby mheyns » Thu May 22, 2014 3:57 pm

I was contemplating a dive on Saturday morning followed by a trip to Leavenworth in the afternoon and wanted to see what kind of restrictions that might place on me. I'm not going to follow through with it, but I did find:

a) generally a lack of any comprehensive guidance wrt to driving over altitude after diving
b) one local practitioner has actually codified some seemingly solid recommendations, see below.

Dr. Edmond Kay is a local diving physician and diving medical officer for the university of Washington, among other professions, and seems to have put some thought into driving over altitude after diving. We do live in the PNW so I suppose it was necessary. :-)


Some interesting guidelines, for a low stress, single dive:

[*]1000ft = no wait
[*]2000ft = no wait
[*]4000ft = 8 hours (Steven's Pass for example)
[*]6000ft = 12 hours (flying after diving)

He then provides more detail as well for repetitive, complex dives, etc. Pretty cool stuff. Thoughts? Does this jive with your personal experience/practice?

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