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Post by JJHACK » Mon Oct 29, 2018 10:22 am

I’m an SSI assistant instructor. My goal or desire is to be an instructor in time for my retirement as an additional income source.

Where I am at there is only an SSI opportunity for certification. However having been diving around the world for years now I have found that the most likely and desirable location for my post employment opportunities is the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is by a large margin PADI only. So I need to find out what is required to move from an SSI assistant to a PADI full instructor.

Portland or Seattle would be the most likely locations or maybe Spokane to go to the classes. How much PADI is possible on line and how much is pool and open water for the PADI crossover?

Somebody here must have done this or know the exact steps for this to take place. Thanks guys I need to make this happen.
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