Looking for a dive buddy Sat 4/28 morning, "Seattle-ish" area

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Looking for a dive buddy Sat 4/28 morning, "Seattle-ish" area

Postby MariaT » Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:28 pm

Hi! I have been out of the ocean for a month and would really like to get out there before another urgent obstacle comes up. Would somebody like to go to some dive site within 1-1.5 drive from Seattle (minding Saturday traffic, of course :) ) in the morning? I will need to start driving back at ~12:30pm, and I am used to waking up rather early.

I guess it will be something like Redondo or EUP - the sites I am mostly familiar with - or could be something else, I would like to expand the list of places I go diving. A recreational dive, 1 or 2 tanks depending on timing and dive site.

Please let me know!


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