“Marigold” dry gloves with DUI wrist Zip Seals

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Re: “Marigold” dry gloves with DUI wrist Zip Seals

Postby finnegankp » Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:43 pm

I agree with Captn. I have the DUI TLS350 with the silicone zip seals and Sitech pressure ring system. Works like a dream and the rings are pretty easy to setup and install. I use the Blue gloves mentioned and they're quite robust and I carried an extra pair should there be a need to swap them on the fly at the dive site. Happy to snap some photos and send them across so you can get a better idea.

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Re: “Marigold” dry gloves with DUI wrist Zip Seals

Postby CaptnJack » Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:36 am

the marigold pullover rings and the zip seals are completely incompatible with one another

you can put conventional rings like the kubi or the sitec on the latex zip seals and thus have an intact wrist seal underneath. But these are not pullover rings. its easy to replace the gloves on rings like these - and the orange or blue gloves are way more robust than dish gloves
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“Marigold” dry gloves with DUI wrist Zip Seals

Postby orcasc205 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:19 am

My wife and I are researching the purchase of our first drysuits and are considering the DUI Yukon II. We have been renting Santi drysuits and have had good success using marigold rubber gloves with liners as dry gloves pulled over the rings that are on the Santis’ wrists. I understand that the Yukon comes with DUI’s Zip Seals to make the replacement of seal easier. Does anyone know if the Zip Seal has a ring that can be used in a similar way, or would rings need to be installed.

I like the pullover glove approach for two reasons:

1) The normal wrist seals are still intact, so a glove puncture or tear does not flood the suit.

2) It’s really easy to carry a spare set of inexpensive gloves in the case of failure.

Thanks for your help.


P.S. Any other feedback on the Yukon II is appreciated

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