Update DAN Insurance for over 70 in Wa. State

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Update DAN Insurance for over 70 in Wa. State

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Sent a query to our state insurance commissioner and here is the response:

Response from Wa. St. Insurance Comm. Office


March 4, 2020

Insurance companies establish their own guidelines for who they will insure and under what conditions. We do not limit their coverage for divers age 70 and above. If an insurer wants to offer coverage to the 70+ age group, they can do so. I suggest that consumers ask Divers Alert Network why they are not willing to insure divers 70+ in WA.


Lupita Schnell
Functional Program Analyst 3, Bilingual. Consumer Protection
Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner
360.725.7218 (office) Hablo Español

Original query:

February 26, 2020
Mr. Mike Kreidler
Insurance Commissioner of Washington State

I am one of the active 70 year old + SCUBA divers of Washington State.
I assume that you are aware and active with this issue as related to D.A.N. (Diver Alert Network) insurance as shown below.
Would you please give us an update if our state will soon include the ‘Guardian Plan’ for those over the age of 70.
I am asking this on behalf of myself and of the 80+ members of our club, The Yakima Dive Club.
Mr. Clarence Kenneth Zahn
Yakima Dive Club
Yakima, Washington
Email received from D.A.N.

Here is where things stand today: (February 13, 2020)
• In January DAN launched new dive accident insurance plans that provide better coverage with fewer restrictions; among these plans is a new Guardian Plan that is available to people age 70 and over. Today these plans are available in 39 states. For members in the remaining states, except for Washington and Vermont, we offer other dive accident insurance plans that do not have age limitations.
• The Guardian Plan is the only dive accident plan currently available in Washington and Vermont, and thus DAN dive accident insurance is currently not available to divers age 70 and over in those two states.
• Once DAN’s new dive accident program is approved by the insurance regulators in your state, all divers (including those 70 and over) will be able to choose from three plans: Guardian, Preferred and Master.
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Re: Update DAN Insurance for over 70 in Wa. State

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Good review. Some of us at MBDC have been doing similar investigation and came up with the same data. I got 'dumped' last month, and that only because I was grandfathered in.
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